Private Access for Apartment

Bangaroo – Private Access for Apartment

Bangaroo is an system booking engine of PT. Klik Utama Mandiri aims to meet the needs of the apartment booking process wherever and whenever, either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. With the Bangaroo, will facilitate access to the apartment that can be used by companies or Indonesian society will be widely.

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Our Special Features


  • Web Based Booking System
  • Pricing Manager
  • Room Availability Checker
  • Unlimited Room Type
  • Multi Platform Application
  • Affiliate / Reseller Support

Advantages of Joining Bangaroo


  • Open access to the company’s rental apartments throughout Indonesia.
  • Makes it easy for companies in search of a place to stay for the employees and business partners with a supported web based booking system.
  • Lowering the Cost of companies on the official travel and tourism.
  • Guaranteed Cheaper provide for our customers.

Special Services from Bangaroo:


  • We can provide with many room requests
  • We have an airport shuttle service
  • We have a Guide in official trips and you travel