About Us

Our Works Become Your Pride

MyKlik.id is a brand under the auspices of PT. KLIK UTAMA MANDIRI engaged in three areas of services; Property, Service and Technology, which has the main purpose of creating a solution for the economic operators and society in general. With emphasis on modern and professional work culture that is supported by the human resources of creative and innovative. Founded on August 31, 2015 and located in Sentra Timur Residences, Cakung, East Jakarta.


With the technology division, PT Klik Utama Mandiri will always create products that are innovative, functional and simple in use, in order to compete in the business world technology world.


Service department will always provide a range of services ready to serve customers in creating the best service from PT Klik Utama Mandiri.


Property division of PT Klik Utama Mandiri is a trustworthy and professional property consultants in rent and sale of the unit, which has been cooperating with various developer reliable in Indonesia.

Vision and Mission


Being the best and reliable services company in providing comfort services to clients with a professional work ethic.


  1. Emphasizing professionalism and teamwork in producing a quality service.
  2. Helps increase the effectiveness for clients and stakeholders.
  3. Creating a reliable Human Resources in support of the company’s work program.
  4. Creating economic circle to enhance the promotion and support between partners and the company.
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Our Team

Andhika Septia

Our products and services shed light on some of the most pressing global issues. We must pursue the highest levels of corporate responsibility to benefit our stakeholders and ensure our long-term sustainability.

Ferdy Ferdian

To work in a dynamic professional environment with a growing organization and utilize my creativity and innovative thinking in the IT Division for benefit of the organization and myself.

Chief Technology Officer
Rama Sugiharto

To contribute in this organization's success through the use of exceptional customer service and people skills, as well as to develop visually stunning and immersive computer artwork in a senior position.

Admin Staff
Nur Fazriyah

Handling office tasks, such as filing, generating reports and presentations, setting up for meetings, and reordering supplies. Generate reports, transcribe minutes from meetings, create presentations, and conduct research.

Media Partner & Client